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Three Questions- Plumbing/Timber


Karaparamba, Calicut

1. What are the advantages/disadvantages of the built-in water tank as compared to the ready made ones available in the market? What is your suggestion?

2. What are the things we should do to get the speed (force full) water supply to the taps?

3. What is the difference in quality of the following wood used in frames/shutters? Rates are almost the same.

a. Irul Wood ("Nadan"/Forest)
b. Irul Wood (Foreign)

1. Branded and Quality Inspected Ready Made Water Tanks are much hygienic than Cast In-Situ Water Tanks. You just have to find a way to hide it from view or blend it with the design. The added advantage is that it can be replaced after a period of time.

2. Height is the factor that Increases pressure in Water Supply taps. If the Top floors do not have enough water pressure as the water tanks are not very high above them, Pressure Pumps are available in the market and can be connected to the outlet from the tank.

3. Foreign (Malaysian/Indonesian) Irul and Forest Irul are two entirely different species of trees. They are both called Irul in our State because of very similar properties. Forest Irul is usually slightly heavier and darker than Foreign Irul. Any variety is OK as long as you get the Core-wood (Heart wood) of Irul without the outer veins (Vella).

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Ar Shahdad Karim B Arch FIIA, graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from College of Engineering, Trivandrum (CET), University of Kerala, took his Post Graduation in Construction Management from National Institute of Construction Management and Research (NICMAR), Pune and a Diploma in Project Management from TAFE, Australia.