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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


If you are on the lighting system stage of your home renovation, you should be very patient. It is not the easiest stage, and the wide variety of choices we have now are not making this process simpler.

The first thing that usually comes to our mind is that we need more lighting products. We would like to want them everywhere. Well, at least the good news is– with current technology you can allow yourself to have a lot of lighting products and still save money and energy. For this, you simply have to buy energy- efficient lamps.

Well, but this does not solve all your problems. You still have to decide what kind of lamps or bulbs you want to have. You should figure before-hand the quantity of lighting products you will need; the style of lighting products; the luminance of lighting products etc. These all questions have to be answered before you buy new lighting products. It will not be a bad idea to consult with Power & Lighting professionals. Someone, who can help you not only with physics and calculations, but also with design and security.

We would advice you to take a look at your house first before you ask a professional help with lighting. Make some notes of which parts of your house do you want to highlight and make brighter, and which parts do you want to hide. Get your idea about lighting first. It will help you in the conversation with the contractor and you will feel confident that you are following the plan you have in your mind. Creating your own lighting style can be a fun. It’s just better when it is supported with knowledge.

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