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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Designing a False Ceiling for your Kerala Residence

House Builders in Kerala are now experimenting with newer Roofing Options like Metallic Roofing with a False Ceiling provided below it. This has many advantages like-
1. Flexibility in ceiling design and lighting systems,
2. Reduced structural weight that in turn reduces the amount of structural steel and concrete required- thus reducing cost, and
3. Thermal as well as Sound insulation depending on the materials used.
This week, we take a look at False Ceiling designs for different rooms within the house.

Drawing Room False Ceiling
The ceiling design is a fantastic way to add character and focus to drawing room. Add welcoming dimensions to drawing room ceiling by adding decorative ceiling medallions, ceiling dome, ceiling moldings etc. Add character to drawing room by adding stretch ceiling, wood plank ceiling, decorative ceiling lights or steel ceiling. Be creative with ceiling design, a range of creative designs is available for you. Lighting, paint colors, paper, texture paint can be applied to drawing room ceiling.

Dining Room False Ceiling

Dining room ceiling designs can change the interior of your room. A white ceiling in your well furnished home may look dull. Ceiling designs and colors can be the feature of your room. Tray ceiling, ceiling domes, textured ceiling or ceiling medallions with moldings can be your choice.

Bedroom False Ceiling
The bedroom ceiling design and color combination can not only cherish the mood but make an impression of a large space. Paint ceiling in a soft color, a lighter version of wall color to create a pleasant appearance. As bedroom ceiling stays in your field of vision more than the ceilings of other rooms, select color combinations that calm your senses.

The shades of medium to dark browns are great for bedrooms because these shades nurture and satisfy our spirits. Make use of beiges, browns and tans because they are earthier and reflect the colors of rock, stone and soil. A combination of greens and brown is also good for bedroom because of warmth and cozy feeling in your room.

Children's Room False Ceiling

Children's room is very special place in the home and it should reflect the interest of your kid. Add a design on ceiling with stenciling which is a great idea to add pattern in room. Match ceiling colors with bed sheet and rug to give a nice look to room. A rising sun on kid’s room ceiling with bold colors and white molding looks beautiful in vaulted ceiling.

Match up ceiling color with wall color and curtains in kid’s room. Hanging lights and task lighting on ceiling is a great idea for kid’s room. A kid’s room with lots of colors on wall and ceiling with ceiling lights will look interesting. Designing a kid’s room ceiling and color choice depends on your imagination. Odd color combination can make a room look dull and messy.

Useful Tips for False Ceiling Color Selection 
  • Opt for the color that is lighter than wall color to make bedrooms with low ceiling harmonious and spacious. Use a darker shade to make rooms with high ceiling look appealing.
  • Choose monochromatic theme for fresh look. You can pick a color that is two or three tones lighter than the color of your bedroom walls for tranquil look.
  • Go for white ceilings which the people usually tend to do but it is conventional.
  • Opt for a ceiling color that is in contrast with wall color like combination of light pink and mauve color for different look.               
  • Add a subtle shade of wall color to your bedroom ceiling to give room a soft and serene atmosphere. 
  • Use ceiling as a place for visual expression; create an overhead view of pleasant blue sky or pattern your ceiling with colors and shapes that match up with the dcor of the room for dramatic look. 
  • Make a choice for attractive ceiling lighting or even a crystal chandelier that will add a patterned effect to the ceiling.

Ceiling Lighting
Ceiling lighting uses different light fixtures in order to give illumination to a building or structure. These light fixtures vary mainly in style, color, shape and size. These fixtures are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Ceiling lighting fixtures can be divided into two main categories namely, flush mounts and semi-flush mounts. For ceiling lighting using flush mounts, they are characterized as fixtures that have no gap or almost have no space between the light fixture and of the ceiling. While semi-flush mounts use fixtures that are attached with parts or stems, creating a space is necessary between it and the ceiling.
There are numerous designs to choose from when it comes to ceiling lighting fixtures. Traditional, contemporary, and modern lighting fixtures are some of the more general types. Art-deco, Victorian and ultra modern styled lighting fixtures are some of the more specific types.

Aside from having different designs, ceiling lighting fixtures can also be differentiated through their uses. Some of these fixtures are used for focusing directly to a work area or can also be used as diffused lighting, like for instance, ceiling lightings on greenhouses and photo studios.
The more specialized type of ceiling lighting are ceiling fan lights, chandeliers and recessed lights. Ceiling fan lights are suitable for places that have a warm or hot climate.
Chandeliers are the more fancier and decorative type of ceiling lighting, since it has intricate designs and uses expensive materials. For recessed lights, they are mainly used as accents in interior spaces and at outdoor spaces as well. Using this type of ceiling lighting can have a dramatic effect. The intensity of the illumination can also be adjusted.
Choosing the right ceiling lighting can be both rewarding and exciting, but at the same time, can be frustrating and daunting. But by using the right type of lighting for a particular area, everything will follow through. Style, color or size that you may choose, may also greatly affect the functionality of the ceiling lighting.


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