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Thursday, April 11, 2013

10 Steps to Own your House! (Step 5 & 6)

STEP 5 - Getting the Building Permit

Now is the time to fine-tune the design of your home according to building regulations and submit plans for detailed approval to the Local Administrative Body.

If there are no objections to your scheme, this process should take anywhere between 1 day or a couple of weeks. Please check the official procedure beforehand, to avoid last-minute inconveniences.
If you have already appointed an architect or a building contractor, he/she will be able to instruct you on how to go about with getting the Building Permit Approved.

You can also find National and Regional Building Code Books in leading Bookstores in your locality.

STEP 6 - Laying the foundation of your house

Once you have assessed the site for the quality of ground conditions, you will need to think about the type of foundations you are going to have. The traditional method is the trench fill system. It is well worth consulting a structural engineer who will advise on site-specific solutions.

If you are engaging a local builder then chances are that you will be building in a traditional form of construction, with blockwork.
There is range of different options available- offering larger formats and faster build times as well as more unconventional systems like stabilized building blocks or aerocon blocks.
Take a look at the local area to decide which is most acceptable and then talk to a range of suppliers to see what's available and at what cost.

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