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Friday, May 4, 2012

Staircases in Kerala Homes

Walk into any grand old home and one of the first things you’ll notice is the staircase — but you don’t have to live in a mansion to have a beautiful stairway. All it takes is some planning and careful attention to details to make the staircase an appealing design feature in your home.

Standard residential staircase dimensions are as follows-
The width of the staircase can be 90cm- 120cm.
The tread (width of each step) is usually 25cm-30cm.
The rise (height of each step) is 15cm to 18cm.
A landing is usually given after every 10-12 steps to break the steep climb.

There are lot of things to consider while deciding on a staircase design-


One deciding factor that one needs to look into when choosing for a staircase design is the budget. This can help you choose for the kind of materials to be used for the stairs and the style of the stairs. You can inquire for different prices of staircase so that you can have an idea of the amount you will need.


Look into the space of your home. This can help you think of a design that will not eat up a lot of space if your area is small. You can also opt for a larger and more decorative stairs if your area is larger. The space is another important deciding factor in choosing the right staircase for your home.


It is very vital to consider the safety of your stairs. The safest stairs are those with a landing which are the return stairs followed by L-shaped or U-shaped stairs. There are instances when a landing is not required if the height is not so tall. Usually, stairs with landings are used in public areas like schools, hospitals, hotels and others.


Of course, since it is the homeowners who will use it most of the time, their situation should be considered. Like if there are elders and kids in the family, it would be advisable to use stairs with landing and handrails.


You may also want to consider comfort in climbing the stairs. If you want to put comfort first, then you can opt for wide stairs that have a less steep climb. Also, you have to consider once again on who will be using the stairs. It would be difficult to use a spiral or circular stairs because it is quite harder to climb. You can also make the stairs larger so that it won’t be hard to go up and down.


There are many kind of materials that can be used for making stairs. It could be timber, marble, steel and even concrete. Some even use glass for their treads which looks elegant yet more costly. Glass stairs are usually used for minimal and modern designs. See to it that the materials used suit the interior design of the house and are durable. It is very important that your stairs can carry the load on it to avoid accidents.


Aside from the materials, you can also choose from the different staircase designs. It could be straight stairs, half turned staircase, quarter turned staircase and spiral staircase. The design also depends on your available space and in the interior design of your home. Spiral staircase are good to save space.

Building rules

You have to know your area’s building codes and regulations. There might be some regulations which relate to the height, depth and pitch of your stairs. So, look into it before finalizing your stairs. It is important to know the code to ensure your safety.


One also needs to consider some things in designing a staircase with balustrades and handrails. See to it that these are durable enough to carry loads. It also need to go along with the home’s design. Try to review the building code because there might be additional conditions relating to handrails and balustrades.

Final Decision

When it comes to choosing a staircase design, you have to make sure that you have finalized it and you have considered every single detail. This has to be done that way because it is not simple to replace a staircase. It would be hard to do that and would even cost a lot. So, plan everything well so that you can get the right stairs for you and your family.

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