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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The steps involved in building a house

Simple List-
> Design Phase -
Step 1- Prepare Architectural Designs
Step 2- Prepare Submission Drawings
~ Submit for Approvals
Step 3- Prepare Working Drawings
~Electrical, Plumbing & Sanitation Layout
Step 4- Prepare Cost Estimates
> Construction Phase -
Step 5- Prepare Building Contracts with Cost & Time Schedule
Step 6- Clearing the Site
Step 7- Excavation for Foundation
Step 8- Building the Foundation
Step 9- Build Ground Floor Wall with lintel
~Carpentry Works
Step 10- Ground Floor Ceiling Slab
Step 11- Floor Concreting
Step 12- Build First Floor Wall with lintel
~Carpentry Works
Step 13- First Floor Roof Slab
Step 14- Parapet Wall
Step 15- Installation of Electrical, Plumbing & Sanitation
~Water Tank & Septic Tank
Step 16- Plastering
Step 17- Painting
Step 18- Floor tiles
~Compound Wall & Gate
Step 19- Furnishing & Interior Design
Step 20- Solar Panels, Security Systems & Other Enhancements

Expanded List-
Construction Steps -Working Pattern
Design –
1. Site survey, Soil study
2. Discussion of functional requirements
And budget limitations
3. Presentation Drawing by Architect
4. Discussion, Corrections and finalization
5. General Architectural Drawing
6. Prepare Drawings for Submission
7. SubmitDrawings for Approvals
8. Prepare Structural Design and drawings
9. Prepare detailed working Drawings.
10. Electrical, Plumbing & Sanitation Diagrams
11. Prepare Detailed Estimate
12. Prepare Working Schedule, Contract conditions,
Progress Chart & B O Q
13. Invite Quotation with previous working Experience
14. Scrutiny of Quotations and enquiry on previous projects
15. Awarding of work and Execution of Agreement.
16. Clearing the Site and set out of building foundation at site
17. Excavation for Foundation,
Collection of materials at site for foundation
Construction of Water Tank Ground
Digging of well
18. Starting Foundation work,
Procurement of wood for joineries
, Material collection for walls and lintels
19. Ground Floor Masonry with lintel
fixing of door and window frames
Collection of materials for floor slab
lay pipes on wall for wiring
Shuttering and bar bending for floor slab.
20. Concreting Floor Slab
21. Curing time floor slab,
Material collection for first floor
Carpentry work continues
Collection of materials for plastering walls G F
22.Remove form work
23. Start first floor masonry and continue up to
roof level including lintel and shades
Fix doors and window frames
lay pipes on wall for wiring
Shuttering and bar bending for roof slab.
Concrete Roof Slab
Wait for curing
Remove first floor form work
Start wood work for interior
Concrete Ground floor-floor
Do concealed wiring and plumbing
Start plastering Ceiling G F
Ground floor walls
Parapets outside
Plastering F F inside
Water Tank Over Head
Construction of Septic Tank
Compound wall
Land scaping
Plastering Out side
Design Works
Leveling walls for smoothness
White Cement to walls
Painting Ist coat
Floor tiles
Fixing of Sanitary and
Water supply fittings
Fitting of Kitchen modules
Fixing of Furniture and cupboards
Roof tiles
Solar panels
Security fittings
Exterior pavements

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