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Friday, October 1, 2010

Ceramic Tiles- Kerala Flooring Options

Last week we discussed 'Vitrified tiles' on our Blog. The difference between Vitrified Tiles and Ceramic Tiles is that while the former is fully consolidated, Ceramic Tiles are polished only on the top surface. They are available in various shapes, colours and patterns. Their prices also vary according to the quality, and are available for Rs.30 to Rs.100 per sqft.
Rough finished 'Rustic tiles' can be used to pave bathroom floors and cost about Rs.80 per sqft. Glossy and smooth Ceramic Tiles, Leather Finished Ceramic Tiles etc. are available at various price ranges.
Do make sure that the floor is properly levelled before laying Ceramic Tiles, because they have a tendency to break, if unevenly laid. They may also absorb water and fade. Low quality Ceramic tiles are also prone to break at the edges. The labour cost for laying Ceramic tiles is around Rs.8-10 per sqft.
Ceramic Tiles had ruled the Kerala market for a few decades before the advent of Vitrified Tiles. They are still used extensively for dadoing and flooring of bathrooms, kitchen counter walls and for facade tiling.

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