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Comments on the Article on Interlocking Bricks said...
Thank you for all your comments and good wishes.

  • Interlocking bricks are available in building material stores throughout Kerala.
  • To know more about Interlocking Bricks, you may contact manufacturing centers in each district. They can provide strength test reports and modes of construction.
  • Interlocking bricks can be used to construct Load bearing walls upto 2 floors.
    By providing beams and columns, they can be used to construct non-load bearing walls for many floors.
  • Although Interlocking Bricks are manufactured in various sizes, the popular dimensions are- 6”x4”x10” and 8”x4”x10”.
Given below is the picture of a single-storeyed cost effective residence built using Interlocking Bricks-

Anu said...
Dear Friend,
This article contains most valuable information for who is interested in cost effective construction. Requesting to all please provide the details of the brick manufacturers.
Thank you for your effort.

Liju said...
Little sceptical about this concept, unless see a finished structre. Will be a great progress if it is true what is being claimed. Thanks for the information though.

Prasad said...
It is realy a valuable inforamtion. Please post or send me a mail about the manufacturers address.

Abhi said...
I am planning to use interlock blocks for my home construction. Please let me know of good references - manufacturers and labours. Also any good interior designer based on your experience

Ashok Kumar said...
I want to contact the suppliers for possible distribution in Bangalore. Please give contact details.
Ashok Kumar Singh

Siji said...
Even though the idea is good what about the yearly maintenance of protection of wall, similarly the safty aspect.

Marijan said...
Though I reside in Delhi and planning to build a home at Kerala, I get useful and effective infmn from
Thanks dears and this cost effective measures to build a house is very useful. Pls carry on.
Marijan Jacob

Anoop said...
I would like to more about it .. pl give details of bricks ...
Rahul said...
What about the strength of the structure and how many floors can be constructed using this?
Regards Rahul C.Menon

Jamsheed said...
Thank you very very much your Information, Du you have any Experienced person to explain this matter. I really appreciate your suport. I am keep waiting your reply.
Regards, Jamsheed Karuthedath

Abdul Shukoor said...
Thank you for this useful information. Is it possible to use this interlocking bricks for a 2 layer building?. Could you please give the details of interlocking bricks manufuactures?
Thank you, Mulla K Abdul Shukoor.

Sabarisan said...
Interested in interlocking bricks construction. can u specifiy the measurement of the brick
Sabarisan Valsala Krishnan

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