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Where to put your Washing machine

"Where can I put my Washing Machine?" is a very common question that every Homebuilder asks his Architect.

Traditionally, Kerala homes had designated washing areas- a large bathroom attached to the well, with the large washing stone. The sound of clothes lashed on the stone has now been replaced by the rumble of the Washing Machine's motor. Although most new homes just have a convenient niche for the Washing Machine, the concept of a Full-fledged laundry room- with washing, drying and folding done there, is gaining popularity.

Here are some practical ideas to keep your laundry area efficient:
  • Avoid placing the washing machine in a high traffic area such as the kitchen or garage.
  • Avoid combining the laundry room with another room. For example, do not combine the laundry and a children's study room in one area.
  • The master bedroom should never have the washing machine in it. It will not be calm and peaceful if you have to look at dirty clothes every time you go to bed.

  • Place the washing machine as close as possible to the largest source of dirty laundry. The most household laundry normally comes from the bedrooms where, of course, the clothes are kept and changed.
  • Add a cupboard or shelf over the washing machine to allow for storage of laundry supplies - and detergents.
  • Always install shutoff valves at your machine's water supply in case of leaks or the need to move the machines for repair. Do not give a direct connection from the plumbing, without valves.
  • Leave extra space in the area where the machines are installed. Do not create a custom size space that is only suited for a specific model of washing machine because someday if the machines need to be replaced you may not find a model with the same measurements, or you may need a larger one.
  • If you have a separate Laundry Room, you can even opt to add insulation to the wall and floor area of the laundry room to lower the noise level.
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Ar Shahdad Karim B Arch FIIA, graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from College of Engineering, Trivandrum (CET), University of Kerala, took his Post Graduation in Construction Management from National Institute of Construction Management and Research (NICMAR), Pune and a Diploma in Project Management from TAFE, Australia.